Evolution Market Group Remission Fund
U.S. v. Assets Described in “Attachment A” To the Verified
Complaint for Forfeiture in Rem (M.D. Fla.) and
U.S. v. Sixty-Four 68.5 lbs (Approx.) Silver Bars, et al. (M.D. Fla.)

Please note this website contains information regarding the ONLY remission process concerning Evolution Market Group – doing business as - Finanzas Forex, DWB Holding Company, Superior International Investments Corporation, German Cardona, Daniel Rojo Filho, Pedro Benevides and others in which investors were defrauded out of millions of dollars.

The remission process was initiated and is being overseen by the United States Department of Justice and administered by Analytics LLC. Please beware, any other websites or entities claiming to administer remission payments or refunds concerning the above are fraudulent. Don’t be fooled by scammers who promise to get your money back for a fee. You never have to pay to take part in the Department of Justice Remission Programs.

On October 31, 2013, the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida entered orders of forfeiture for over $138 million in assets which were seized by federal authorities for their involvement in a fraud perpetrated by Evolution Market Group (EMG). The United States Department of Justice will distribute these funds to eligible victims of the fraud through a process called "Remission."

Remission occurs when forfeited assets are returned to the victims of the crime underlying the forfeiture. Authority to grant remission rests with the United States Attorney General, as delegated to the Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section of the United States Department of Justice. The remission process is governed by the Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 28, Part 9 (2012).

Persons who incurred a financial loss because of investment with Evolution Market Group d/b/a Finanzas Forex may be eligible for remission.

To receive remission, you must submit a Petition Form to the Remission Administrator. Petition Forms will be mailed to known victims in the next few months and Petition Forms will also be available on this website for download at that time. You will also be able to submit a Petition Form online. Please check back later for updates.

Questions: contact the Remission Administrator by e-mail Info@emg-ffxremission.com or call 1-855-763-9455; International callers may call +1-641-323-1345.